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Realeyes Study: UN World Food Programme 2019 “Feed Our Future” Global Cinema Campaign

SAWA and National CineMedia, enlisted Realeyes to employ its emotion AI technology to better understand the impact of the UN World Food Programme’s Feed Our Future global Cinema ad, “Keep Their Voices Alive” conceived and and directed by Sir John Hegarty. Among other findings, the research shows how an emotional soundtrack encouraged global cinemagoers to tackle world hunger.


MESH study for SAWA and UN World Food Programme 2019 Feed Our Future Cinema Campaign Evaluation: January 2020

Study Objectives:
– To evaluate the 2019 wave of the WFP campaign airing in Q4
– Show the value of using Cinema as a highly effective medium

The study focused on understanding the creative takeout, the impact on the brand and how Cinema as a medium helps to amplify this.
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Val Morgan, Australia: The Great Escapers – Shining a Light on Cinema’s Re-emergence

SAWA Member Val Morgan commissioned research whose aim was to build on the sentiment analysis of people “wanting to return to the cinema same/more than before” and to provide some context to the value/mindset of the audience coming back into cinema. The research found 3 key points;

  1. Our fundamentals in cinema are as strong as ever, if not stronger given the lockdown – engagement, immersion, escapism, affordable indulgence
  2. The cinema going audience has been largely in ad-free/SVOD environments and are going to be watching less of most mainstream media options (FTV, STV, BVOD) now that things are opening up. This means that cinema should be a must on brand schedules as we continue to deliver a hard to reach, low TV consuming audience that we believe have been even harder to reach during lockdown as they’ve been in SVOD environments.
  3. The cinema going audience is inherently more open, positive and ready to spend – therefore more valuable for brands to be speaking to + audiences want to see positive/confident brands in our environment

Val Morgan called this audience “The Great Escapers” – a nod to lockdown fatigue, minimal media choice and, of course, Steve McQueen.
Val Morgan believes the research has a good shelf life, taking Cinema into 2021, as audience numbers recover and the content release patterns start to settle down again. So far, it’s been well received by clients and agencies in the Australian Market who are looking for more info to keep us top of mind to clients who perceive us to be challenged.
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The global cinema advertising market is expected to be worth $4.6bn in 2019, representing a 6.8% rise from 2018. This is ahead of WARC’s all media growth forecast of 4.6% for 2019 (to $624.9bn) and places cinema as the second-fastest growing ad medium this year, behind internet as a whole. Additionally, in 2019, Cinema is expected to hold steady making it the only ad medium other than internet not to lose share.
A sample extract of the report can be downloaded here:
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Val Morgan has released a thought leadership piece, The Power of the Big Screen: The Role of Cinema in the Mix. Conducted by Kantar Millward Brown, the study validates the role of cinema in the broader audio visual mix. 

Key findings show that cinema;

  • Provides valuable incremental reach to both TV and digital campaigns across a broad age range, but particularly to light or non-TV viewers. 
  • Cost effectively builds brand measures.
  • Play both a complementary and synergistic role with other channels.
  • Sustains campaign metrics over time through unrivaled resonance.
  • Delivers strong impact per spot and high retention.

Read the full report by clicking here.


Ground-breaking global study reveals the brand impact generated by cinema’s experiential effectiveness

SAWA and MESH Brand Experience (SAWA member) released new research that shows cinema is the Superhero Medium. This ground-breaking global study, presented by MESH at the SAWA Convention in Amsterdam, reveals the brand impact generated by cinema’s experiential effectiveness.
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Watching a movie in the cinema with other people results in enhanced attention. And watching with family members or loved ones increases attention even more. The whitepaper ‘‘Monkey See, Monkey Do” by professor Jelle Demanet, researcher at Profacts and Ghent University associate, supports how watching entertainment together with people you love increases the impact of advertising. In this whitepaper, he takes an objective look at how the chameleon effect works and at how oxytocin affects your brain and your advertising communication.

The results are literally eye-catching! In the case of online advertisements, a mere 1.4% of them are, on average, actually viewed. TV fairs a little better, ringing in at 23.1%. Cinema, however, leaps out with a massive 85%. All without distracting our gaze.

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Today, advertisers battle a fragmented environment, declining reach, and technology that skips ads. It is often difficult to say with confidence that an ad even reached its intended audience or had any impact. Cinema however, works in a different way to any other media. As evidenced by growing spend, Cinema’s appeal with brands is constantly broadening.

Cinema advertising is uniquely placed to overcome today’s advertising challenges: The big screen is difficult to ignore. There are minimal distractions. Ads cannot be skipped or muted. And advertisers trust the safe environment of its content.

With wall-to-wall screens and surround sound in a darkly lit environment, cinema offers an immersive and high sensory experience unlike any other. Because of this, cinema advertising is processed much more consciously and therefore yields results that other advertising mediums cannot.

To help further explore cinema advertising’s effectiveness, reach, and engagement, Kantar Millward Brown undertook research with Cinema Advertising partner Val Morgan Australia to understand the unique role it plays in a brand’s media allocation.

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In Canada, Cineplex Media commissioned Brainsights to conduct research that would determine the effect of the media viewing experience and environment on a given advertisement. The high Encoding scores show that if advertisers’ objective is to build associations between their brands and specific properties, Cinema must play a part of their media mix.

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