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SAWA here have collected effective Case Studies from Cinema Advertising Companies around the world to demonstrate the power and impact the Cinema Medium has on today’s most sought after consumers.  They range from consumer propensity to buy to Cinema vs TV recall studies; to individual case studies on products and global brands effectively using the Medium of Cinema.

Case Studies are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Download Acrobat Reader here.

Building Box-Office Brands: Exploring the Unique Value of Cinema Media in Today’s Cross-Media Landscape

Research commissioned by SAWA Member DCM in the UK with Millward-Brown proves:

Cinema Makes Brands Memorable
Cinema Creates A Brand Love Story
Cinema Generates Brand Difference
Cinema Turns Audiences Into Customers
Cinema Wins Influential Fans For Brands

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Cinema advertising is 8x more effective at making your brand stand out from the crowd than TV! Digital Cinema Media’s latest study, The Bigger Picture.

Digital Cinema Media’s latest study, The Bigger Picture, looks at cinema advertising in the wider context of media and the role it can play in today’s changing media landscape. The study, conducted by Hall & Partners and launched in November 2014, proves that cinema advertising is processed by the brain more consciously, explaining why cinema is such a powerful, emotionally engaging medium for brands in today’s changing media landscape. The findings revealed that cinema is triggering advertising responses in a very different way to other media, particularly TV.

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Ad Awareness & Cut through Research from SAWA Members Val Morgan – Australia

Research on the role of cinema in a/v screen strategy highlights the importance of engagement and attention, challenging advertisers to think beyond reach and consider how ads are actually viewed day to day. The findings prove that cinema plays a more powerful role than ever, delivering significant impact on campaign effectiveness metrics. Uplifts of 156% in top of mind ad awareness and 66% in main message cut-through were measured amongst people exposed to campaigns in cinema in addition to online video and television.

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Case Study for Lurpak Cinema Campaign from SAWA Members DCM – UK

Lurpak launched their new Cook’s range with a real visual feast for the eyes. Wieden and Kennedy created a spot with the objective to transform the way in which cooking can be seen. The Cinema environment led to strong levels of recognition for the creative, adding incremental recall on top of the TV activity. The depth of understanding of the product led to higher levels of consumers taking a positive action post-exposure and greater consideration for Lurpak’s Cook Range.

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Virgin Media – Movie Moods UK Cinema Case Study

Virgin Media wanted to communicate the strength of their content compared with other paid-for TV services. Initial research showed that Cinema was the perfect media selection due to its ability to efficiently reach ABC1 tech savvies who are big entertainment fans and are interested in the latest technology and gadgets.

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Benefits of The Cinema Audience  – CAC Report 2013 – USA

The study demonstrates to advertisers that Cinema advertising compares favourably versus other major media on key demographic and psychographic metrics.

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Measuring Cinema ROI – CAC Report 2014 – USA

Advertising campaigns incorporating the Cinema medium have shown to have significantly better results that do not include the sector; particularly with the CPG category. It shows that Cinema can be even more effective than TV advertising, provided that the proper measurement techniques are employed.

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Nielsen Research Group – CAC 2012 Annual Moviegoers Study – USA

Nielsen Research Group in 2012 exam the movie going behaviour in the USA. The report carried general moving going trends, broken down in segments and movie going and social media activity. Click here to read the study.

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Reallocation/Emotional Attachment Study – USA

Adding Cinema to your media mix increases Reach and Engagement. Advertisers can find not just another media alternative to the cluttered sight, sound and motion on television…. But a new enviroment in Cinema of sight, sound and emotion when targeting the audience.

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BrandScience European Cinema ROI Research – 2012

BrandScience experts in ROI research delivers outstanding research for the Cinema Medium. Highlights include strong returns for Cinema in the FMCG market relative to other media.

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Pedigree Adoption Drive – Donation glasses Case Study

What if you could be sitting in a Cinema and watching a completely different film to the person sitting next to you? This theory has been realised by production company, Finch, where a system of state-of-the-art technology, now known as 37 Degrees, has been developed by Finch’s Director of Creative Technology, Emad Tahtouh. Says “We’ve manipulated the way 3D technology currently works,” Cinemagoers were given a red pair of glasses on entering the Cinema. If they made a donation to the Pedigree Dog Adoption drive, they received a yellow pair. Everyone then witnessed the plight of an abandoned dog named Buzz. What the yellow glasses allowed the audience to see was the subsequent rescue and nurturing of Buzz back to health. The viewers wearing the red glasses were not so lucky, witnessing Buzz’s bleak future should he never find a home. Pedigree Cinema Campaign won a F Gold Lion at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

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Birds Eye by Val Morgan – Australia

Val Morgan Australia  conducted this amazing research on the 3D Birds Eye ad. The 3D ad recorded a twenty percent increase in Fish Fingers sales after launching the campaign, with no other media activity for the brand at the time.

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