Demographics of the cinema audience

There are clear advantages to advertising in Cinemas: the audience is attractive (affluent and young), the audience is captive, recall rates are much higher than other display media and the overall impact of the screen itself is very significant. Thus, the medium has the same virtues as television (sight, sound, colour, action) but additionally enjoys the big screen environment.

Specifically, cinemagoers are typically younger than the population with generally half of the visits made by people in the key 14 to 34 demographic. Cinemagoing has increased against all age groups in the last few years, with the most dramatic growth seen amongst the over 25’s. Movie’s remakes made in the last 10 years have attracted an older age group and brought more people back to the movies. Approximately ¾ of a typical cinema audience are frequent cinemagoers, who go to the movies on average at least once every 4 weeks.

Frequent moviegoers are a highly desirable audience for advertisers. They are usually young and affluent, with high disposable incomes. They are avid shoppers, into fashion and technology and lead busy and active lives making them difficult to target with other media.

Cinema is an ideal medium to target the more affluent sectors of the population with good levels of disposable income. It can be safely said that the Cinema going Audience is one of the most sought after sectors of the population. Cinemagoers typically have good education levels, with cinema an ideal medium to target people in higher education.