Why Cinema

According to WARC’s Global Advertising Trends – A Focus on Cinema, the global cinema advertising market is expected to be worth $4.6bn in 2019, representing a 6.8% rise from 2018. This is ahead of the all media growth forecast by WARC, the international marketing intelligence service, of 4.6% for 2019 (to $624.9bn), and places cinema as the second-fastest growing ad medium this year, behind internet as a whole.

Contributing to its worldwide appeal, are the unmatched benefits of Cinema including:

  • Immersive, experiential environment with state-of-the-art audio and visual technology and big screens that demand attention;
  • Captive audiences in desirable demographics viewing high-quality ads in an emotional atmosphere;
  • Brand safety (knowing what content an ad will appear next to)
  • Uncluttered media environment with the lowest ad avoidance of all media;
  • Interactivity with Cinema audiences through off-screen experiences – such as mobile apps – prolonging a cinema advertising campaign. 

“Cinema offers advertisers access to younger, more affluent audiences who have an affinity with the medium. This enables ads to be screened in a brand safe environment where they will be noticed, often in a location that is close to a retail outlet and, by extension, a point of purchase.” – James McDonald, Managing Editor, WARC Data