Press release – SAWA holds first ever 3D Workshop at Cannes Lions Festival in June 2011.

SAWA, the Global Trade Body that represents the Cinema  Medium, in June 2011 for the first time ever,  will hold and educational workshop on 3D advertising at Cannes.  It will be directed towards the Film Directors and Production houses that want to learn more about the exciting world of 3D.  Global experts from Geneva Films Canada, Dolby UK, Bug Norway, BossaNova3D Brazil and National CineMedia USA will host the hands on 3D workshop at the  Palais de Festival in the Esterel Cinema, 5th floor  on Wednesday 22nd June, 2011 at – 12noon.

The Mad Men of 3D – The Next Dimension in Advertising

You have seen 3D movies, now experience how 3D is changing advertising and digital media.

Join SAWA and the pioneers of digital 3D cinema advertising on a journey to the next dimension:  What is 3D? How is it produced? How does it change storytelling? What does it cost? What is the visceral impact that it has on audiences?

You¹ll see close-up the tools for creating stunning 3D spots, the workflow and the platforms where your 3D content will resonate – from cinema to TV, gaming, tablet, web and mobile. Also, you will see the stunning retention data that shows a huge increase over conventional 2D commercials.

Join top 3D director James Stewart (Geneva Film Co – Canada), Julian Pinn (Dolby 3D), Ken Venturi (National CineMedia – USA), Dave Spilde (BUG Norway) and Juan Barbe (BossaNova3D, Brazil visual journey.

Get on-board for “the end of the flatties” and take the first step to truly immersive advertising.

About SAWA

SAWA has been established for 57 years and now represents the Cinema Medium in 35 countries with over 75 members. The membership body consists of Screen Advertising Companies who sell the medium of Cinema, research companies that analyse and collect data on behalf of the medium and technology companies who supply products and services to the business. The Trade body is renowned for being a proactive one that continually works to build the profile of the Cinema Medium through research, setting of standards and marketing initiatives.

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