Flix Media Publicidade e Entretenimento LTDA

Flix Media is Brazilian company specializing in selling screen ads. It was founded in 2011 to structure and exploit cinema media effectively, taking advantage of the full potential and enchantment of this universe.


Flix offers smart solutions to deliver a complete and relevant experience for both audience and brands. The company has unified the cinema media market and has a partnered with the main exhibitors in the country, totaling over 1,800 screens in major cities. Flix affiliate networks are: Cinemark, Kinoplex, Cinesystem, Centerplex, CNG, Cinépolis, UCI, Moviecom and Reserva Cultural, as well as the portals. Cineclick and Ingresso.com. Among the solutions created by the company is the Flix Channel, content channel shown before the show time and ideal for branded content. In 2018, Flix Media launched Alfred, an application that brings together useful information for movie goers, such as movies, upcoming releases and the nearest cinemas.


Rua Olimpíadas, 205 - 9º andar
Vila Olímpia - São Paulo / SP
CEP: 04551-000

Tel: 55 11 4567 5500
Fax: 55 11 5105-5750

Website: http://www.flixmedia.com.br

Key contacts

Angela Ferrante
Finance Director
Adriana Cacace
Director General