Dansk Reklame Film A/S

Denmark has a long and good tradition of cinema advertising. Already in 1903, the first commercials shown on a large screen. Throughout the years there have been several companies that have sold and distributed promotional films for the Danish cinemas.

DRF was established in 1985 by the merger of Danish Cinema Advertising (those with “pouting girls”) and Gutenberghus Advertising Film (those with “fireworks”). In early 1994, the DRF also Bergenholz film. DRF is part of Nordisk Film Sector Egmont Group. DRF function throughout has been the link between advertisers and cinemas. That is to sell and distribute cinema advertising.

Revenues from cinema advertisement goes on to theaters and is an important operating it. Without cinema advertisement had many cinemas expected to reduce their activities or close completely.

In addition to the national cinema advertising shown in all cinemas in the network, which largely used by big brand advertisers, the DRF also a section for local cinema advertising. The local advertising block is shown in most cinemas, and is located within the national advertising block. Local cinema advertising is primarily used by local shops, but also many chains and brand advertisers with local retailers use the local commercials. It is a simple, effective and inexpensive form of advertising that has been growing rapidly in recent years.


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Key contacts

Mikkel M. Hansen
Head of Sales
Carsten Ellemo
Asborn S. Crusell
Head of Inventory & Sales Research