Weischer.Cinema Austria GmbH

Weischer.Cinema Austria GmbH offer you, our clients, excellent service: comprehensive consultation, cost-conscious development and calculation, optimisation of your advert placement, and day-to-day supervision of your cinema campaigns.

We deliver first-hand information on new developments and opportunities on the cinema market. Along with the placement of nationwide cinema on-screen campaigns, our portfolio comprises numerous attractive advertising features.

Our goal is to set a course for successful cinema advertising with innovative solutions. The creation of attractive package offers, the consistent recording of exact numbers of viewers, and transparent pricing policy alleviate our clients’ access to this attractive medium.

We provide useful tools of rate calculation for the swift development of campaigns and spot copies. Furthermore, our cinema test delivers major information about the viewers of individual cinema weeks, thus forming a valuable database for efficient, simple and comprehensible cinema advertising.

The basis for the success of a campaign and precondition for customised and successful cinema advertising is formed by our long lasting and cooperative relations with cinema operators on the one hand and to you as clients, advertising and media agencies on the other hand.


Rockhgasse 6
A-1010 Wien

Tel: +43-1-587 05 15-0
Fax: +43 1 587 05 15 - 30

Website: http://www.weischer-cinema.at

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