CAPA Kinoreklame AS

CAPA is an abbreviation for Captive Audience, which is perhaps, a perfect description of the cinema going experience!

Cinema has long been proven to be the most effective brand communication channel. The medium that stimulates all of the senses regardless of cost-per-thousands, coverage, frequency, view-ability scores and other media jargon … quite simply, Cinema delivers!

We at CAPA are passionate about our medium and our focus is, and always has been, to create relevant commercial touch-points between brands and the cinema audience throughout the whole cinema going experience: be that at home deciding what to see, when the guests arrive at the venue, whilst in the auditorium and even after the visit. We are able to deliver this fully integrated solution through the use of technology, experiential marketing and of course constantly optimising our core product, On-screen advertising.

We are not afraid to challenge, or be challenged by, our clients! We live to connect brand and consumer with effective commercial campaigns, all within the magical world of film and Cinema!



0167 Norway

Tel: +47 22 88 82 00
Fax: +47 22 88 82 01


Key contacts

Jan Tore Kristiansen
Gareth Williams
Commercial Director