I believe that films are portals and postcards of the time they are made in – and at their very best, the stories we tell have the ability not just to reflect culture, but to shift it.

Tessa Thompson

In a movie theatre, you watch movies with the significant others in your life, but also in the company of strangers…when the experience makes us laugh or cry or cheer or contemplate, then when the lights come up and we leave our seats, the people with whom we head out into the real world don’t feel like strangers anymore. We’ve become a community.

Steven Spielberg

I want the ethereal rush where the movie is a dream and the crowd around me is like a guitar amp plugged into my own reactions. It’s hard to get that on your couch in your well-lit living room with an iPad next to you. That’s what I miss about going to the cinema.

Rian Johnson

The magic of telling each other stories, and our ability to suspend reality, and connect to those stories on such a deep level, was beyond profound. And it’s why movies, and our ability to gather and watch them together, is so critically important to our collective psyche.

Joe Russo

I believe that when we are on the other side of Covid, there will be a powerful need to be together. The cinema will, perhaps more than ever before, be a place to celebrate, to congregate, and to appreciate films and each other.

JJ Abrams

The movie experience is, of course, more than the play of light on a screen, it happens in the hearts and minds and viscera of an audience… Cinema is public dreaming vividly shared. Whichever way we care to receive our screen stories, nothing can match the theatrical experience.

George Miller

You walk into a room, sit next to a bunch of strangers, and then proceed to share a singular emotional experience for two hours. You laugh together, you cry together, you scream together and then laugh at yourselves for screaming. It’s truly magical. It’s all the best parts of being human.

Emily V. Gordon

Kumail Nanjiani

If movies stop being shown in cinemas they are diminished, and however big their budget is, each film will become smaller and smaller. Collective experiences shape our lives and although I am clearly biased, movies bring us together.

Daniel Craig

There is simply no substitute for seeing a movie in the dark with a few hundred strangers… It’s not just part of the experience, it can often be the very heart of the experience itself.

Christopher McQuarrie

An unmeasurable sense of awe is created when dozens of people are partaking in real time of the same experience, seated in the dark, without distractions, immersed in images and sounds.

Alfonso Cuaron

Theatrical cinema isn't simply about watching something on a large screen. More importantly, it's about sharing and emotional experience, whatever shape that experience takes. During an era in which so many of our social tribes are disbanding, or evaporating into the digital ether, the theatrical experience remains a vital environment for us humans to connect though the shared rehearsal of heartfelt emotion.

Simon Pegg
Actor, Screenwriter


Prior to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, Cinema Advertising was forecast to surge more than 12% to once again become the fastest-growing ad medium - pushing it ahead of digital which was experiencing a shrinking growth rate. Cinema Advertising offers an immersive space; attentive audiences delivering unmatched recall; a premium cinema experience with luxury seating and 40' movie screens; and an audience that includes the most sought after demographics - millennials and teens.

UAE: #BetterAtTheMovies Campaign
UAE: #BetterAtTheMovies Campaign
Cinema exhibitors - VOX, AMC, Muvi, Cinepolis, Empire, Novo, Roxy, Star Cinemas and Mukta A2, collaborated to create an unbranded cinema campaign in the Middle East #BetterAtTheMovies. Content reminds moviegoers of the magic of the movies with the following content: "This summer, fall in love with the magic of cinema! The perfect trip for the whole family, catch a comedy, romance and even a little thriller at your nearest theatre. Because no matter what your ticket, it's always #BetterAtTheMovies"
2021 Sizzle Reel from Motivate Val Morgan
2021 Sizzle Reel from Motivate Val Morgan
SAWA member Motivate Val Morgan's second half of 2021 sizzle reel features hot films coming to theatres.
"Go Big Again" A Welcome Back Message to Moviegoers
To welcome moviegoers around the globe back to the Cinema, the South Africa Cinema Industry Body – comprised of studios, distributors, exhibitors and Cinema Advertising Companies (SAWA Members) – produced a powerful trailer, “Go Big Again.” The film reminds us of cinema’s power to help us dream, laugh, feel, scream, escape, love, and more.
"I miss you." Your Cinema
SAWA member Weischer Cinema produced a powerful trailer to support the re-start of their cinemas following the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown of Cinemas around the globe. In addition to running in their network, Weischer Cinema is sharing the trailer with SAWA members and their exhibitor partners. The core message is “Du fehlst!” (“You are being missed!”).
The 2019 “Feed Our Future” global cinema advertising campaign launched on 26 September in 35 countries around the world thanks to the support and generosity of SAWA’s Global Cinema Medium Companies and Associated Members. The advert, created by advertising legend Sir John Hegarty, was designed to appeal directly to cinema audiences.
SAWA-UNWFP "Feed Our Future" 2019 Teaser
Watch the 45-second, behind-the-scenes teaser of the UN World Food Programme 2019 "Feed Our Future" global cinema ad.

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