Multikino SA

From 2013 Multikino Media Sp. Z oo belongs to the European market leader and one of the largest cinema operators in the world – Vue Entertainment Ltd., which currently operates 146 cinemas with more than 1321 screens. The company operates in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Portugal and Taiwan. The offer Multikino Media includes brokerage activities in the field of cinema advertising sales nationwide and local sponsorships and special campaigns and corporate sales conferences in the field of cinema exhibition and sale of coupons. Megacinema Media is 44 city, 55 theaters, 311 screens and 11 million viewers per year, which guarantees a high position in Polish cinema market. Broker supports two cinema networks: Multikino and Cinema 3D.

Multikino Media is a response to customer needs and is aimed at increasing competitiveness and adjust the structure of the company to market standards in the age of digitization and rising customer expectations. The company’s mission is to provide the most satisfactory service all clients, including media houses, as well as direct clients. In addition, in 2013, “Mondays with Coca-Cola,” a joint action Multikino contained in the offer Multikino Media and Coca-Cola HBC Poland She won first place in the Cinema Retail Achievement Award in 2013 in Barcelona during the fair CineEurope. In the same year Multikino cinema chain, during a conference on special events he received from the Event Cinema Association Award Excellence in Home Exhibition 2013.


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Key contacts

Mariusz Spisz
Sales and Marketing Director
Daniluk Monika
Reserach Manager