CAC – Cinema Advertising Council

The Cinema Advertising Council (CAC) operates to promote and represent the common business interests of members of the in-cinema marketing and advertising industry. Consistent with this purpose, the specific goals of the CAC are:

To promote and enhance the value of in-theatre marketing, advertising and promotion in the United States;

To assist in the establishment and promulgation of recommended standard industry quality and ethical business practices through the issuance and maintenance of a recommended “Code of Industry Practices”;

To assist in the development of credible data related to in-theatre advertising and attendance demographics;

To advance the CAC’s goals, directives and the business of in-theatre advertising for any purposes and through any means proper and lawful; and

To coordinate activities generally beneficial to the industry, including the determination and communication of standard industry statistics and data.


3853 Whitman Road
Annandale, VA

Tel: 703 407 6705


Key contacts

Laura Adler
CAC Executive Consultant