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The benefits of being a SAWA Member are:

  • The opportunity to communicate with and exchange information with existing SAWA Members on issues such as marketing, sales methodology, exhibition, digital transmission, production formats and alternative revenue streams to name a few.
  • Biennial Conventions have been held on the Medium of Cinema in London, South Africa, Argentina, France, Sydney, Las Vegas and Berlin, and Los Angeles.  Key speakers from associated industries present the latest in research, digital technology and ways to increase revenue streams through creative opportunities.
  • All SAWA Members electronically receive a Bi-Monthly Newsletter covering topical issues and special features, including examples of Sales Success in certain countries and Case Studies on market segments. This newsletter can be found in members only section using passwords for access.
  • SAWA also has a Member’s Only Section which carries manuals on Digital Production, Sound in Cinema, 35mm Manuals, and a sophisticated Cinema Data Information service for members and Press Releases on new initiatives as they are released.
  • A range of SAWA standards have been set for the medium to grow.

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